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Fall Referee Assigning About to Begin. Is Your Profile Current?

Remember to be safe! If two games are scheduled back to back and you have no lights - options are limited regarding the 30 minutes between lightning rule. Keep that in mind. You'll need to work backwards to sunset (about 8:30 tonight) to figure out how late your 2nd game can start. For lighted fields, you have more leeway but I don't expect you to be out there past 10:00pm under any circumstances. REVIEW THE WEATHER POLICY located on the weather tab above.
Point of Emphasis - Substitutions Accepting Your Games
For Travel League games, when substituting, do not allow players to enter the field of play until the exiting players have completely left the field. This is a new point of emphasis from the State Referee Committee to ensure organized player substitutions.
You must accept or decline all your games online. Here's how:
1. Login to your Account
2. Go to Schedule > Schedule
3. For each game on your schedule click the checkbox under Accept
4. Keep clicking checkboxes until you reach the end
5. At the bottom of the page, click Submit. Your games have been accepted.
6. If you are unavailable for any of these assignments, click Decline.
7. You must click submit every time you decline an assignment (can't do them all at once).
Referees - Don Those Caps for Safety Email Archives
Another great article from our friends at the Soccer America! Skin cancer is a growing concern - protect yourself!

Don Those Caps for Safety
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