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The State Referee Site has a reporting form where you can report abuse that is "public, personal, and persistent". Click the link here for the on-line reporting form (you must be logged into your state referee account to access the form): https://minnesotasrc.com/Referee_Pages/abuse.php

Travel Schedules have Been Posted. E-mail me if You Have Questions/Issues!

Click the link directly below to register for the 2014 PSA Minnesota Classic (June 20-22)

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The Rules Nobody Seems to Know FAQ'S - So you Want to be a Referee?
A great article from our friends at the Youth Soccer Insider!

Know the Rules!
Click here for answers to the mostly frequently asked questions about becoming a certified referee.

Frequently Asked Questions
Follow the Laws - Don't be that Other Ref Email Archives
Another great article from our friends at the Youth Soccer Insider! When you "bend the rules", it makes it all the more difficult for the next referee!

Don't Be that "Other" Ref!
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