PSA Minnesota Classic Cancelled Welcome to Referees Advantage REC Refs and Soccer/District Playoffs
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Tournament Update

Turnbacks are Available. Please Login and Find the Opportunites.

We understand that many REC Referees are also players, and that our REC season stretches into both the District and State Tournaments. If you are in a situation where you are scheduled to referee a game and end up advancing through districts, please let Amanda know. We will work everything out to get your games covered!
To e-mail Amanda, use recrefs@plymouthsoccer.com
Fall Season Planning is Underway The IRS Wants You!
Database will be scrubbed in the next few days meaning your preferences will be reset. Watch for an email in early August to announce the fall season referee sign-up period.
New rule this year with PSA is that all referees need to fill out a Form W-9 for potential IRS income reporting purposes. In your paycheck, you will receive a blank form that you must fill out and return to the PSA office prior to receiving any additional paychecks. Please make this a priority when you receive it.
Follow the Laws - Don't be that Other Ref Email Archives
Another great article from our friends at the Youth Soccer Insider! When you "bend the rules", it makes it all the more difficult for the next referee!

Don't Be that "Other" Ref!
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