Fall Recreational League Rules Welcome to Referees Advantage 2015 PSA Minnesota Classic
Click the link below to view the recreational rules that apply to City of Plymouth REC League games played on Saturday mornings. Note that off-side is in effect for U12 games. However, if you choose to recruit parents to assist with AR duties, I recommend you not allow them to call offside.
2014 Fall REC League Rules

Congratulations to Wayzata and Maple Grove High School Boys as well as Orono Girls for Playing Their Hearts Out in the High School State Tourney. Win or Lose, You Gave it Your All!

Sad to say that Fusion Soccer Club (formerly PSA and WYZ) will not be hosting a soccer tournament in 2015. With the club merger and two straight years of dis-satisfied tournament customers (due to unplayable field conditions), FSC will be focusing efforts on supporting the newly merged club. If you're looking for alternative tournaments to work, they are listed on the MYSA website.
Remember to get your background check completed ASAP as your previous background check expired at the end of August 2014.
New rule this year with PSA is that all referees need to fill out a Form W-9 for potential IRS income reporting purposes. In your paycheck, you will receive a blank form that you must fill out and return to the PSA office prior to receiving any additional paychecks. Please make this a priority when you receive it.
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Another great article from our friends at the Youth Soccer Insider! When you "bend the rules", it makes it all the more difficult for the next referee!

Don't Be that "Other" Ref!
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